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Kasperi Kapanen makes great housing deal – Lions star takes these treasures with him: “I don’t want to leave them behind”


Kapanen is a minimalist decorator who rents in St. Louis.


On 17 April, Lions winger Kasperi Kapanen signed up for military service at the sports school in Santhamina. The time spent in the ranks of the defense forces has been short, as Kapanen had time to spend less than an hour there.

The start of the national team camp was the next day, so Kapanen was free due to representative duties.

– I went to register and give information so that I could catch up. That was it, says Kapenen.

Kapanen says that’s one message he got during his time on the national team. This shows that in the ranks of the defense forces, the progress of the lions is being followed. In Santhamina, attention was drawn to the stubble of the long grown beard.

– We were asked to shave off our beards. Otherwise, nothing comes of it, Kapanen says.

Eventually, the rookie Kapanen didn’t get a call or a talk. The matter was handled by message, and according to Kapnan, another Legionnaire player received the same request. Defender Nikolas Matinpalokhin joined the army in April.

When it is said from there, then we listen. He remembered something. The next day there were boys with chubby cheeks.

Kapanen picked up the pace in the World Cup match against Sweden.

Kapanen picked up the pace in the World Cup match against Sweden. Photo: Kale Koponen / HS

Kappenen’s arriving batch has received extraordinary attention, as basketball star Lauri Markkanen begins his military service at the same time. Kapainen had been in contact with Markkanen before going to Santhamina.

During the service, Kapanen communicated with another cheater, Kapanen. Kasper’s cousin Oliver, who plays in Kalpa, is also in the same arriving batch.

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Kapenen says he originally planned to enter service only in July. Kapanen moved from Pittsburgh to St. Louis in the middle of the season and the new club did not make the playoffs. This made it possible to start the service in April itself.

In the fall, Kapanen will head back to North America. There is not enough time to complete the army in its entirety.

– The plan is not fully prepared, but it will have to be done in two years.

When Kapanen’s hometown changed from Pittsburgh to St. Louis, the type of living changed to renting from owner.

Kapnan lived in a rented apartment in St. Louis. He has one year left on his contract with the team, so it is likely that Kapanen will still prefer to remain a rental for next season, even if he is voting in favor of being an owner.

– I would prefer to invest and buy that money instead of rent. In a way, it’s a waste of money, says Kapanen.

Kapanen's (left) hometown changed from Pittsburgh to St. Louis.

Kapanen’s (left) hometown changed from Pittsburgh to St. Louis. Photo: Jeanne Kamin-Vancia / Reuters

Kapse has two apartments in North America. He bought the first one in Florida and according to media reports, the price was $1.6 million. Kapse also had his own apartment in Pittsburgh. Both the previous apartments have been sold.

Kapanen says he remains on the plus side in stores. The goal is to acquire an apartment so that there is no financial loss, but comfort comes first in Kapanen’s mind when making a purchase decision.

– It’s nice to come from a game trip and be at home anyway, when there’s a place you love to be.

As a decorator herself, Kapanen swears by simple solutions.

– I don’t like extra bull. I’m a bit of a minimalist. A couch, some plates and a bed are enough. No need to be too fancy.

Kapanen makes new acquisitions from time to time. For example, he sold an apartment in Pittsburgh with furniture.

But does an object move from one place to another?

– Be sure to bring a wine cabinet and wine with you. I wouldn’t want to leave them.

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