Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lions Champions announced for afternoon match – World Cup debut for SM League’s goal cannon!


Lions will face Hungary at 16:20 on Friday.


Finland continues its World Cup campaign in Friday afternoon’s match against Hungary.

The Lions’ lineup for the match, which starts at 4:20 p.m., is almost the same as Finland trained on Thursday.

Antti Suomela, who was injured in the opening match, returns in the middle of the second series after playing three flutes. Tappara’s Valtteri Marella, the goal king of the SC League playoffs, on the other hand, will make his WC debut on the ice for the four-series side.

Ahti Oksanen and Jere Sallinen were left out of the lineup.

In goal: Jussi Olkinuora (Christian Heljanko)

chain attack

Timu Hurtikainen-Sakari Manninen-Mikko Rantainen

Joel Armia – Anti Suomella – Capo Caco

Harri Pessonen-Juho Lamikko-Kasperi Kapanen

Valtteri Marella-Hans Björninen-Marco Antilla

Extras: Järä Sällinen, Ahti Oksanen

pair of guards

Mikko Lehtonen-Ate Ohtama

Olli Mata-Mika Koivisto

Mikel Seppala-Ville Pocca

Niklas Friman-Nicolas Matinpalo

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