Friday, June 2, 2023

Lions World Cup match again in Nokia Arena, a terrible sight – this is the reason


The Lions faced Hungary in the Friday afternoon game.


Legionat played their fifth home match of the World Cup against Hungary at the Nokia Arena. Finland won the match 7–1.

As in the Lions’ previous match, there were many empty seats in the lower stands of the Nokia Arena.

Several rows of benches in the best seats in the arena were empty.

Ice Hockey Association communications director Hena Malmberg later explained the reason for the empty lineup.

The question is about the position of sports marketing company Infront. They don’t use those places. Now we have agreed that we will sell those places, Malmberg told Sanom.

– On Friday, this information came too late, so these seats could not be sold yet, but for Saturday’s game in Austria, these seats have been sold, announced Malmberg.

The harrowing scene was repeated in Wednesday’s match against France. The seats in the VIP Sky Lounge were sold out in that match, but for one reason or the other, the spectators on the luxury seats did not turn up to watch the match.

There will be happily Hungarian supporters on site at Friday’s match. A crowd of about a hundred Hungarian fans make an appreciative noise in the curve of the upper stands of the arena.

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