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Mick Jagger’s daughter arrested in Ibiza – Jade’s crew’s behavior horrifies restaurant customers


Jed Jagger’s night out ends in police custody.

Jade Jagger, the 51-year-old daughter of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, has been arrested in Ibiza, reports The Telegraph.

Renowned jewelry designer Jade Jagger is said to have been arrested following an incident at a restaurant. Jagger and his male companion were said to be spending the evening at a local restaurant when police were informed that the man was behaving in a threatening manner towards other customers and restaurant staff.

The Spanish El Mundo reports that the restaurant called the police, who confronted the intrepid man at La Oliva restaurant. The Telegraph reports that videos shot by the restaurant’s horrified customers have spread on social media, showing that it took four police officers to arrest Jagger’s companion.

You’re a racist, Jagger’s accomplice shouted at the police.

Jade Jagger pictured with her half-sister Georgia May Jagger in 2018.

Jade Jagger pictured with her half-sister Georgia May Jagger in 2018. Photo: Matrix

According to El Mundo, Jagger was enraged at the treatment of his partner and attacked the police. He is said to have abused and abused the police. Jagger also yelled at the police, saying they were racist and arresting his friend just because of the color of his skin.

You gotta respect me, Jagger hissed, according to El Mundo.

According to Spanish media, Jade Jagger appeared to be intoxicated and her friend’s behavior seemed confused. Parivaljaco’s flamboyant evening outing had already attracted attention before the event. Jagger’s friend is said to have spread his money and suddenly bought the waiter a designer suit for 2000 euros.

Prior to the incident, Jagger had published photographs of the hotel in Ibiza where he had been staying for the past few days.

Jade Jagger divorced her husband in 2021 and post divorce she has been publicly linked to a Barbadian businessman. Jagger has had a second home in Ibiza since the 90s and has heaped praises on Ibiza, which is known as a party paradise.

I was looking for a utopia, a place where I could start life as an adult with my children. A place where I would find my hippie side, Jagger told the Telegraph.

The Telegraph reports that Jade Jagger made headlines when she was young because of her boisterous behavior.

For example, in 2007, a drunk Jagger created a ruckus in the business class of a plane. At the time, his reps put the behavior down to a fear of flying.

Jade is afraid of flying and often drinks to calm herself before boarding a plane. He was having fun with his friends and had no idea that his behavior would disturb other passengers.

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