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Midwife of Moldovan judge reveals the truth


The three most beautiful words in the Finnish language are cha, cha and cha, writes columnist Jyrki Lehtola.

not anymore. No. anymore.

But it just keeps on going.

“Why did some expert councils leave Karija to naught? Now Moldovan judges are speaking out,” headlined Helsingin Sanomat on Wednesday.

Eurovision was supposed to be a light, fun and extravagant event. After this a plan was made to move forward.

Didn’t move forward. The fate of Karija and Finland was to be settled for days. Even the smallest particle of information was a justification for the injustice we experienced, and that is why when a journalist was able to tear out of the mouth of a Moldovan judge the sentence Cha Cha Cha “A Simple But Catchy Song”, Can NATO Take Over Moldova?

What kind of country takes something like Eurovision seriously? A country that has eschewed seriousness and focused on being lighter than a propaganda balloon?

Before Eurovision, Finland’s song was analyzed from every angle, like the joint children of Jean Sibelius and Helene Schjerbach.

The Cha Cha Cha represented a new, fresh and happy Finnishness. This was evidence of a more open Finland. It was like a poem that does not lend itself to interpretation. It brought us together.

All of Finland wanted to either join in the fun or ride Kairanen. If the neon green clothing sold out, it was forgotten by drinking the Finnish national piña colada from a Karija mug.

Then Cha Cha Cha didn’t even win, but lost to Sweden.

to Sweden. It is no longer the new, happy Finland, but the old and anxious Finland, which, despite its NATO membership, manages to annoy Sweden as if it conquered Lapland instead of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Fortunately, Finland’s most influential culture department continues to investigate Karija’s loss as if it were a police investigation, and now the Moldovan visa judge’s former babysitter must be found.


Like the joint child of Jean Sibelius and Helen Scherzbeck, the song was analyzed from every angle.

Boring adults wanted to join the party too. In Roman Schatz’s book Mame, he discusses whether Finland now has a unified culture and, in different words, comes to the conclusion that Karija should bring back a unified culture, and that, unlike Mannerheim, Karija would harbor conflicting sentiments. Doesn’t wake up.

Adults are right. The three most beautiful words in the Finnish language are cha, cha and cha, and a unified culture means multinational entertainment, which allows you to find lightness in the midst of boring everyday life.

Finnish integrated culture includes US streaming series, Finnish-language TV formats bought or stolen from abroad, artworks by Brad Pitt and Nick Cave, Ed Sheeran and Johnny Depp. The joint film between Renny Harlin and Gene Simmons of the band Kiss is not a last cry for help for weary men, but a sign of the vitality of Finnish culture.

However, it is not easy even in the new uniform culture. Hollywood screenwriters have gone on strike, which could last hundreds of days, but luckily it will be over, as wellness therapy is a strong part of the newly integrated Finnish culture.

The author is a writer and screenwriter.

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