Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Now this is outrageous! An indecent trick tried in front of the Nokia Arena – “This is not the way it’s supposed to work”


Security was tightened at the Nokia Arena on Friday for the World Cup.


The screens were tighter than usual in front of the Nokia Arena, the main stage of the Ice Hockey World Cup on Friday.

Everyone entering MM Arena’s Umen was subjected to intense inspection by security guards – so not just the customers who paid for the entrance ticket.

Earlier, for example, the same practice did not apply to persons traveling with media passes.

According to a law enforcement official interviewed by Sanoma, some of those who received accreditation passes for the World Cup had used the passes indecisively.

Some people tried to come here by putting passport in their neck and purse in their bag. It shouldn’t work like this. It is said that they would enjoy a drink at the end of a game day. The stern orderly announced, we took drinks from him.

The order supervisors could not tell whether Kalja’s smugglers used to travel with media passes or with some other passport.

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From this entrance to the Nokia Arena, passers-by tried to reach their thirst-quenching drink to the sanctuary.

From this entrance to the Nokia Arena, passers-by tried to reach their thirst-quenching drinks to the sanctuary. Photo: Kale Koponen / HS

Ville Kättenen, the security manager of the world championships, had not heard of the untoward incident.

No such information has reached the Ivory Tower here, but I have no doubt that it must have happened. We didn’t find out about any confusion or bad behavior, Ketonen told Sanom immediately after the Finland-Hungary game.

According to Ketonen’s information, the passports of the “canned heroes” have not been confiscated.

– In our “Criminal Gallery” you will not find such suspended passports. A passport had to be declined during the Games, but that’s not related to this case.

According to Ketonen, the reason for tightening the security system is equality.

– We decided to screw up. On Saturday, we wanted to clarify the safety instructions that apply to everyone coming into the arena to watch the game. Nothing more dramatic than that, Ketonen assures.

For example, during the first week of the World Cup, those who had received media accreditation were able to go through security without checking their bags in front of the main entrance to the arena.

– We have separate entrances for media persons and VIP guests. In the past, if you had, for example, some media passed down your throat, you could slip here very easily. With this new arrangement, we want to equally check that nothing inappropriate has been brought into the arena, says Ketonen.

– The race went pretty well overall without any major confusion.

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