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Nuutti Vihtilä told about the NHL game, which went on for more than an hour – then something appeared that made him turn his chair: “What happened here?”


Nuutti Vihtilä explained about 140 minutes of the match on the night between Thursday and Friday. Now he tells what it was like to report on one of the longest games in NHL history.

Nuutti Vihtilä jumped into the narrator’s booth so excited that the chair behind him fell.

He was overjoyed when the NHL game, which had lasted 139 minutes and 48 seconds, was finally over. The narrator pulls the chair back up. He had to fall back into a sitting position for a moment and take a few deep breaths.

– What happened here? Vihitla thought in his eyes.

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The Eastern Conference Finals between the Florida Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes was the sixth longest game in NHL history.

The deciding goal came in the final seconds of the seventh period, when Florida’s Matthew Tkachuk fired the puck into Carolina’s net at 139 minutes and 48 seconds.

In these expressions, Vihatila told the solution. There was relief in his voice.

At least a subtle disappointment seemed to be creeping into her blouse, before the long-awaited solution.

Commentator Vihtilä did not have time to sleep before the game, as it did not start until three in the morning, Finnish time. The story session, which lasted for about six hours, ended at around nine o’clock.

It is a matter of great relief that it is over now. It was already an unnecessarily long game, even though I enjoyed Puddle. Quite a heavy set, when there was still a football game downstairs and I went to explain with the same eyes, Vihtila sighed.

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Vihitla described his feeling as disbelief when the puck was going nowhere, even though there were several places. Florida goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky made 63 saves, while Carolina’s Frederick Anderson made 57 saves.

– My statement must have been a mixture of crying and laughing when the game was so long. I began to hope that the goal would just come.

The match was the longest match that a Finnish commentator has had the honor of covering. Antti Mäkinen and Easa Pirnes commentate on perhaps the Finns’ longest match as they get to enjoy at least eight rounds of matches in 2020.

Vihitla is now so exhausted that he has not yet digested what had happened.

– I’ll probably remember it fondly later. Prior to this, my longest match was around 110 minutes, so this clearly goes to the top of my own top list, Vihitila shows.

– It’s a good thing when you can actually process what happened here.

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