Friday, June 2, 2023

Olavi Uusivirta was sitting in the sauna when he realized he’d messed up – reveals shocking situation now on TV


Artist Olavi Usivirta talks about the sauna experience in Suomi Soi, which he is ashamed of today.

In his own words, musician Olavi Usivirta is a passionate sauna user. On Friday’s Suomi Soi episode, Usiwirata says he takes sauna so seriously that an hour isn’t enough for anything.

– Yes, sauna is the number one thing, I don’t really consider a sauna shift of less than three hours a sauna shift. There is always no time for him, he begins his story.

Passionate saunas can also cause a bit of discomfort at a gig.

– Sometimes it happens that I’m on the board of Sauna, when our drummer Ollie starts the first song of the gig.

Usiwirata says that he simply pulled something over himself in panic and fell face down on the stage after the sauna.

– I was in the sauna room and I could hear in the distance… no nonsense, did it just start and then suddenly came out, terrible sweating, says the musician.

Olavi Uusivirta doesn't consider a sauna shift of less than three hours to be enough.

Olavi Uusivirta doesn’t consider a sauna shift of less than three hours to be enough. Image: Four

The story excites Joanna Tervoma.

– I want to start living like this, says Tervoma.

Usivirata, on the other hand, thinks differently about his sauna obsession.

– I don’t live like this anymore, Jonah is ashamed of me. It embarrasses me now, I’m a lot more professional these days.

Friday nights at 8 pm Nelon and Rudoo Suomi soi Nelonen and Ilta-Sanomat are part of the same Sanoma group.

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