Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Orphans: It is a powerful medium of employment


According to board member Peteri Orpo, the scale and direction of the adjustment is that there will be direct savings of four billion and employment measures of two billion euros.

According to the information received from IS, there has been disagreement in the talks of the government regarding the cut in unemployment insurance. Changes to unemployment insurance are currently being negotiated on the reform table.

Cabinet member Peteri Orpo (KOK) says he does not know the state of the talks in detail enough to say whether the parties have reached a consensus or whether we are still in a pre-election impasse.

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In government talks, the goal is to create 100,000 new jobs in Finland during the term of the government. According to Orpo, the general view of the parties is that employment measures are needed and there are many of them.

Unemployment insurance is one of the strongest tools available. In negotiations we are in a position where various models for reforming unemployment insurance are being reviewed. “How close or far we are, I can’t or don’t want to measure,” Orpo said at a news conference in Satitalo on Friday.

The coalition wants to advance earnings-related unemployment insurance, shorten its duration, expand working conditions, return deductible days to pre-active model levels, Europeanize income insurance, income insurance Removes pension accumulation from and puts brakes on indexation. increase in unemployment insurance

Basic Fins is set to scale earnings-related unemployment insurance in such a way that unemployment compensation will be higher at the beginning of a period of unemployment and lower as unemployment ends. Instead, the Basic Finns were unwilling to accept cuts in unemployment insurance.

The RKP and the Christian Democrats are also set to increase unemployment insurance linked to earnings.

Orpo said earlier that the 100,000 new jobs would strengthen public finances by around two billion euros.

Orpo did not confirm the newspaper’s information, according to which, of the six billion targeted adjustments, four billion would be direct savings and two billion would be employment measures.

– I cannot confirm yet how the six billion will be collected, but this is the scale and the direction, Orpo said.

Orpo said that the most important thing is that a total of six billion euros has been adjusted and work is being done for this. He said the composite includes direct savings, productivity-enhancing reforms and measures for employment and growth.

An important part of adaptation measures is social and health care. Social security spending is at risk of increasing by six billion euros by 2027. The coalition aims to limit the growth of expenses by 1.5 billion euros so that by 2027 costs will increase by only 4.5 billion euros.

There is disagreement among the parties about how to cap Social Security spending. According to the information received from IS, the amount of savings is also open, that is, there will be ways in front of 1.5 billion euros or the amount will be less than that.

One of the means of savings presented by the Ministry of Finance is the cancellation of staffing for elderly services, which would save €240 million.

– It is on the table and we are thinking about whether we can go ahead with it. My guess is that there is no prerequisite to go ahead with the size of the nurse, Orpo said.

According to Orpo, it will be discussed in the conversation whether additional time can be taken or canceled in connection with the nurse’s assessment.

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