Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Quite the Bustle in Vegas – Roop Hintze Focuses on “Business”: “There’s Nothing Else”


Roop Hintze and the Dallas Stars take on the Vegas Golden Knights.

Las Vegas

Happening in Sin City.

When North America’s largest electronic music festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, millions literally hit the track.

While the F1 race in the fall has caused massive road construction, traffic jams in Vegas are massive and make local taxi drivers turn their heads.

The big events of the weekend also included the first and second conference finals of the Western Conference hosted by the Vegas Golden Knights.

The series starts on Friday evening, i.e. Saturday morning Finnish time.

Vegas is known as one of the most popular away sports destinations. But now players don’t have time for extra shopping trips, enjoying the rest on offer, or generally running around in 30-plus degree heat.

– In the regular season, we usually go to see a show. Dallas star center Roop Hintze told IS that there is nothing more to do now than games and staying in hotels.

– About business, Hintz smiled.

The mood is on the rooftop in Vegas.

The mood is on the rooftop in Vegas. Photo: Ethan Miller/AFP

Hintz excelled in the playoffs scoring 19 points in ten games for the side. The effects gradually opened his status as a player to a larger audience, and he was selected for a press conference at the North American media grill the day before the game.

– Maybe there is a little more media work now, but I don’t know otherwise. I don’t really follow anything myself, Hintz said of the increased focus.

Dallas defeated Seattle in a hard-fought seven-game series in the second round of the playoffs.

Now we face a similar but tougher team.

– There are some other big names in Vegas, but they play pretty much the same way, on four courts. a tough team. It’s not for nothing that they have the second most playoff wins for as long as they’ve been in the series.

In the statistics Hintz mentions, Tampa Bay leads with 61 wins, ahead of Vegas (46), Colorado (43), Boston (37) and Dallas (33).

Vegas is not the most traditional hockey venue, but its home games are known for their atmosphere. The hockey club is a really big deal for the locals – and of course the show is fine.

– I can only imagine the mood of the players. It feels so good here even in regular weather. I like this.

Roop Hintze leads the Dallas offense.

Roop Hintze leads the Dallas offense. Photo: Jerome Miron/Reuters

In Dallas’ previous series against Seattle, there were no strikeouts—unlike the battles in Vegas and Edmonton.

– I saw some clips, but they always showed the same people. Sometimes it just happens, it happens to the players.

Dallas won all three meetings in the regular season, the last two of which were tough.

– We have a good chance to win.

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