Thursday, October 5, 2023

Rapper Vantaa stuns the school – “Jere kept his promise”


A small group of people knew beforehand about the five-year-old’s sudden visit.

Karija, or Järre Pohonen, who represented Finland at Eurovision this year, made a surprise visit on Friday to the Peltola school in Vantaa, where he himself once studied. The city of Vantaa reports on this.

The rapper wanted to surprise the students and teachers of the school with a surprise visit. Only a small group knew about the voyage prior to the artist’s wish.

We spoke with him about this trip shortly before the finals, and it’s amazing that Jere kept his promise amid all this trouble,” Peltola School Principal Ville Yeliunty said in a city press release.

During the tour, the rapper first met the teachers and then the students. In the city bulletin, the students are the first to praise the artist and call him good.

– Jere is a cool and funny guy, in short the schoolgirl Sini.

– It’s incredible that Karizza gets along so well with everyone, said Miko, a student at the school.

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