Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Russia classifies Greenpeace as a security threat


The NGO has had to stop its activities in Russia.

Russia has defined the environmental organization Greenpeace as an undesirable organization. The country’s general prosecutor’s office reported the case. According to it, Greenpeace “poses a threat to the foundations and security of Russia’s constitutional system”. Russia also accused Greenpeace of interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

By definition, Greenpeace had to cease its activities in Russia, since practically all cooperation with it is now criminal. Local Greenpeace staff are also threatened with criminal charges.

Russian Greenpeace has explicitly demanded that Russia act to prevent climate change and protect the environment. According to the Moscow Times, its volunteers have, among other things, participated in the prevention and extinguishing of wildfires that ravaged the country in the summer.

Russia has been cracking down on its civil society since invading Ukraine in February last year. Many independent media outlets have been forced out of business, and the opposition has been put behind bars or exiled.

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