Sunday, December 10, 2023

Scandalous photo book of Madonna is up for auction – rocked by a scathing comment on women’s sexuality


In 1992, Madonna’s photobook once created a lot of buzz.

Pop icon Madonna shook boundaries in 1992 by posing for the pages of her sex photo book. People Magazine says that now the photographs present in the book are going to be auctioned.

The photographs will be auctioned in New York on October 6. Madonna herself celebrated the issue by publishing a taste of the book on her Instagram account.

– It took four decades and many provocative details before we were able to open people’s minds with the help of art, it is written in connection with the publication.

According to the artist, the purpose of the auction is to raise money for his own charity, which aims to improve the lives of children in Malawi through health, education and community support.

Last fall, Madonna recalled her shocking book on social media. Madonna, who has faced harsh criticism in past decades, indicated on social media that she has done a lot of work to ensure that women are allowed to be sexually exposed today.

Now Cardi B can sing a song called WAP. Kim Kardashian can get naked on the cover of any magazine and Miley Cyrus can ride a wrecking ball. Be a good bitch, the singer wrote alongside a clown smiley.

For example, the pop star’s publication did not please rapper Cardi B, who was offended by the word bitch. The rapper wrote several angry posts on Twitter, but later settled the matter with Madonna.

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