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The “crazy diet” of the singer Carola caused a storm of reaction – this is how the star herself commented


Singer Carola has followed a wild diet for her upcoming tour.

Singer Carola Hagqvist, 56, is on a strict weight loss diet for her upcoming tour, reports Expressen.

The singer’s diet has drawn strong backlash among her followers. A nutritionist from the Swedish Food Agency previously labeled the diet “crazy”.

– Can’t I tell you about it without sounding superficial? come on! Hagqvist writes on Instagram.

Häggkvist recently shared on Instagram about preparations and rehearsals for the Party Tour, which begins on May 27. It is 40 years since their breakthrough when they competed at Melodifestivalen in 1983 with their song Framling.

He also told his 250,000 followers that he was on the “Danish National Hospital Diet” to lose weight for this party tour.

The singer’s diet is strict: only coffee in the morning, eggs for lunch, salad and protein for dinner, no breakfast for 13 days. He also says that he has given up alcohol.

– Getting rid of extra pounds has always been a curse for me. It’s great when it spins. and enjoy! it makes me happy! the singer says on Instagram.

– I can finally look at myself in the full-length mirror at home and look as I do. It’s part of my own process this year. A functional diet gives me a boost in my system and focus. My voice and thoughts become clear, he continues.

Carola has represented Sweden at Eurovision three times.

Carola has represented Sweden at Eurovision three times. Photo: Penti Nissanen

Häggkvist’s diet has sparked a lot of opinion and many followers have reacted in the comments that they are disappointed that Häggkvist is “making a fuss about his weight loss”.

– Recommending a diet that puts a burden on the metabolism is definitely not a good idea! No kidding. There may be some disorder with which you will have to live later in life. You can lose weight without dieting, someone commented on the star’s Instagram.

– It’s a shame when you advertise weight loss, commented another with a sad face.

Experts have also considered diet.

“It’s a classic trick to make it serious in the name of a hospital,” nutritionist Annette Jansson of the Swedish Food Agency told Svenska Dagbladet in 2014.

Happy with his weight loss journey, Hagqvist says he now wants to wear less clothing on stage.

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