Friday, June 2, 2023

The Nokia Arena pitch was sold for an outrageous amount for the World Cup semi-finals – then the price changed drastically


The cost of the most expensive vacant place in the final is more than 20,000 euros.

You can pay a high price for the best viewing spots for the decisive games of the Ice Hockey World Cup. However, those who have looked through the pages of the ticket service may have rubbed their eyes.

A lot for the first semi-final to be played on Saturday next week – where Finland will play if it reaches there – was sold on Thursday for 74,400 euros.

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The prices of the most expensive blanks go up to five digits in the World Cup playoffs, but this blank was still in its price range.

We asked the organization of the World Cup about this. It turned out that the party that had hired the shed had made a typing mistake. On Friday, the item’s price was corrected and the comma moved one notch to the left. The price is now 7,440 euros.

There are a total of 63 enclosures in the Nokia Arena. According to the ticket service, the price range for free seats for Saturday’s Austria-Finland game is between 4,000 euros and 6,000 euros. There are currently no spots available for the final game against Denmark.

In the semi-finals, the price of the most expensive boxes already rises to 15,000 euros. There are still some spots available for the finals. The cost of the most expensive of them is 21,000 euros.

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You also need a separate entry ticket to enter the enclosures.

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