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This is how much a pint of beer costs in Tampere’s MM pub – a restaurant made a drastic move: “It was wrong”


We found the cheapest tap beer around Nokia Arena. Pubs in Tampere are cheaper than at the World Cup venue.

Thirsty puck fans pay at least 9.20 euros for a four-deciliter bottle of beer in the corridors of Nokia Arena, which could be considered a fair price.

At last spring’s Games, the same product cost 8.90 euros.

However, around the Nokia Arena, you can quench your thirst for beer before and after the matches. Sanoma’s competition team found beer prices in cupolas near the World Cup grounds. Basically, beer is apparently cheaper outside the Nokia Arena than inside.

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As Sanoma reports, you can get half a liter of Sandal from the tap at the very cheap price of 6.5 Euros at Rolligan’s Bar, located right next to the Nokia Arena.

There's plenty of beer for Lions fans in Tampere.

There’s plenty of beer for Lion fans in Tampere. Photo: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

At the beerhouse Opal, next to Rolligan’s, a half-litre pint of Sandals costs 7.3 euros.

So if you want to save Euros, before the matches you can enjoy beer in the domes located in the vicinity of Nokia Arena.

The Old Mates pub, a few minutes’ walk from the Nokia Arena, offers a half-litre pint of Karhua as a basic beer for £7.90.

– We have not increased or decreased the prices because of the World Cup. Prices have really changed because of the state of the world during the past calendar year, when costs have gone up, says Johnny Tucco, a bartender who works at Old Met’s.

Old Mets are told that the restaurant has not increased the beer prices because of the World Cup.

Old Mets are told that the restaurant has not increased the beer prices because of the World Cup. Photo: Jukka Manninen

On the other hand, O’Connell’s, an Irish pub located a little further from the World Cup grounds, slightly increased the prices of basic products for the duration of the World Cup.

– Our products are in pint size, which means that there are 0.568 deciliters of beer in a pint. The cheapest pint from us is nine euros. For that price, you can get Aura, Marsalka Lager and Manchester Bitter beer, says Mari Järvinen from O’Connell’s.

– We raised the prices of some basic products, namely Aura, Tentacles and Cider on Tap, by 50 cents or one euro. We did not increase the prices of other products.

Prices have been increased slightly at O'Connells.

Prices have been increased slightly at O’Connells. Photo: Amulehti

A pint-sized tentacle costs €11 at O’Connells. According to Järvinen, there hasn’t been much feedback about raising prices.

Even Kant knows what the spirit of the game is. And they usually buy our replacement products, whose prices we haven’t increased.

In the nearby gastropub Soho, you can have a pint of Aura beer for seven euros. In the first days of the Games, the product cost 9 euros, but Soho quickly brought the price back to normal levels. A pint-sized tent costs up to 14 euros on the opening day of the Games.

– We raised the prices for two days, but then we wanted to go back to the old way. We felt it was wrong to raise the prices, admits restaurant manager Kepp Salminen.

Prices were briefly raised in Soho, but then lowered again.

Prices were briefly raised in Soho, but then lowered again. Photo: Amulehti

According to Salminen, the reason for not rolling back the prices was because of an angry reaction from customers. Vivek just started knocking.

The final destinations of Sanoma’s beer survey were the beer restaurant Kontori and the Heidis beer bar, which was used as a base for Sweden during the World Cup.

In branch, you can get a half liter pint at the cheapest price of 7.80 Euros. At this price Kesari Lager comes off the tap.

Draft beer prices in Tampere taprooms

The list was created based on the cheapest beers at the restaurant.

Rolligan: 0.5l of Sandal €6.50

Gastropub Soho: Aura 0,568l 7€

Beerhouse Opali: Sandals 0,5l 7,30€

Beer restaurant Kontori: Kesari Lager 0.5l €7.80

Old Companion: Karhu 0,5l 7,90€

Heidi’s Beer Bar: Coffee 0.4l 8€

O’Connell’s: Aura, Marsalkka Lager and Manchester Bitter 0.568l €9

It’s a bit more expensive at Heidis Beer Bar. The cheapest option for draft beer is a four dl pint of Koffia. Its cost is eight euros. Heidis Beer Bar was reported to have not raised prices during the World Cup.

Swedish fans owned the Heidis beer bar for the second year in a row.

Swedish fans owned the Heidis beer bar for the second year in a row. Photo: Seppo Karki / IS

The Swedes who own the Heidis beer bar didn’t think the restaurant’s prices were too expensive in the least.

– Beer is cheap, Swedish Mickey announced when Sanoma visited Sweden’s base before the Finland-Sweden match.

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