Tuesday, October 3, 2023

This You Didn’t Know About Marco Antilla – “Then The Game Doesn’t Work”


The captain is asked in the lion revolver. Lions top defender Atte Ohtama is at receiving end.


Who’s Your Favorite in the Lions’ Sexiest Man Vote?

Jussi Olkinoura. He is a quick and sharp man. Pre-favourite.

Who has the best shot on the team?

– You can’t answer for me, that’s what the vile pokka says. The shot is accurate, but not hard.

Tell me one thing that the general public doesn’t know about Marco Antilla?

– On game days, he cannot go to the sauna before the game. Because it completely loosens the tall man’s body, and then the game doesn’t go on. Otherwise he will take a sauna for her too.

Who is the dumbest on the team?

– “Björninen” (Hans Björninen). That’s so fast.

Who is the team’s troubleshooter, ie the player most likely to pay the penalty?

– Juho Lamikko. It shines and is still a little boy.

Which teammate would you not let update their Instagram account?

– Well, here’s Lammikko too. You never know what it will spark. Anything can go there.

Who has the most special equipment on the team?

– I don’t think anyone’s got their hands taped. I’ll probably have to be blunt and say Wesker’s various instrument tunings. There are all kinds of tunings.

What’s your record on Cooper’s trial?

– 12 minutes. There will be no further disclosure.

Atte Ohtama regards his Cooper results as a puzzle.

Atte Ohtama regards his Cooper results as a puzzle. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

How much do you get from squats?

– I haven’t done squats in a long time, but yes, I need to put on a few hundred kilos.

If you had to choose only one gym for the rest of your career, which one would you choose?

Squat or parallel pull-up. Rive is a very broad movement.

One song that always turns you on?

– What is our goal song … The beast is unmasked. It burns every time in a lion shirt.

Which is the best vacation spot for a hockey player in summer?

– Italy is just awesome. It doesn’t matter where. Nice landscape and good food. I always loved going there.

What’s the surprising item you took on your World Cup trip?

– Since my beard is growing so badly, a razor in my case.

What’s the best barbecue delicacy of summer?

– Some nice meat and vegetables on the side. Flank steak is great. Works.

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