Thursday, October 5, 2023

Traffic camera monitoring signals are changing – the reason for the resolution lies in the background


Police, along with other authorities, have been directing and monitoring traffic flow with the help of camera surveillance for decades. Now brand practices are being filed.

In the future, both camera monitoring and automatic traffic monitoring will be announced in road traffic areas with the traffic sign I16, informs the police.

Traffic sign for technical supervision I16.

Traffic sign for technical supervision I16. Photo: Police

The reason for the change in practices is the impact and risk assessment of criminal case in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the significant improvement in camera resolutions.

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In practice, the resolution of cameras has developed over the decades in such a way that if the cameras’ image stream is recorded, the information stored in the recording can be linked to a specific person under certain conditions.

Supervision in this case is considered technical supervision by the police.

So the police start announcing the technical controls they carry out with the traffic sign I16.

However, the automatic traffic control traffic sign I15 will also remain in use.

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According to the police, in addition to monitoring traffic flow, road traffic cameras are used, for example, in connection with state visits and other events, and their recordings are also used in accident and preliminary investigations.

Automatic traffic control traffic signs I15.

Automatic traffic control traffic signs I15. Photo: Police

If control is carried out in cooperation with FINTRAFFIC, which performs road traffic control and management functions, the names of both control bodies are indicated with an additional sign below the traffic sign.

In this case, the different operators are not required to set up their own cameras at the same location, but both parties may use the same footage depending on their legislation and pre-estimated use requirements.

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