Friday, December 8, 2023

Ukrainians found a surprising source leaking information to Russia – blocking began immediately


Innocent civilian technology has played a major role in the war in Ukraine.

Members of the Ukrainian IT-Army, which operates online and is made up of volunteers, are beginning to be used to find cameras filming in Ukraine that can be viewed online.

The Ukrainian IT Legion is an association of IT professionals formed after the start of the Russian invasion, whose activities are coordinated on its Telegram channel. The group has carried out data breaches and denial-of-service attacks on Russia, among other things.

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– Open cameras of Ukraine transmit information about air defense and equipment transfers and help to the enemy. We help the army by finding them. We announce the start of the first cam bounty of the Ukrainian IT army.

Information about open cameras is collected using an online form. Information such as the location of the camera, the network address (IP address) and the user ID and password to access the camera image are recorded in it.

The reason for the operation has not been given. However, it is believed that the Ukrainians received a tip about the use of cameras, as otherwise resources would not be committed to the operation.

Yesterday, Thursday, IT Army said on its Telegram channel that it has already received more than 300 notifications about webcams. The search for the cameras is still on.

Ukrainian IT forces use familiar free online tools.  Information about webcams is collected using Google Forms.

Ukrainian IT forces use familiar free online tools. Information about webcams is collected using Google Forms.

Ukraine has received widespread support online for its defensive struggle. In addition to the IT army, its defense is supported by the hacker collective Anonymous, which declared cyber war on Russia. In addition, large Internet companies such as Microsoft and Google, as well as a number of information security companies, have discovered and neutralized many of Russia’s cyber weapons.

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On the other hand, Russia’s exposed cameras were previously targeted by Anonymous hackers. Anti-war messages are posted on their screens.

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