Friday, December 8, 2023

Volkkarikuski made an absolutely ridiculous pass at Järvenpää – photographed by an IS reader


The motorist chose a dangerous place to overtake.

An Ilta-Sanomi reader who was on his way to Järvempa witnessed a wild overtaking situation on Monday.

Pathak was on his way to meet relatives with his family when the driver from behind suddenly decided to pass the two cars at once. At the same time, an innocent car came in the front lane.

The situation that happened on Vahanumenti was surprising. The accident was close, but the driver, who was driving in the oncoming lane, had time to brake before the devastating collision. The overtaking driver just managed to slip between the two cars.

The car in front was moving at such a low speed that it might have been natural to overtake, but the position the driver behind chose to overtake was quite risky, remarked Pathak.

The situation didn’t scare me, but it surprised me afterward.

– You realized how close the situation was, what could have happened.

The reader is surprised to see such companies in the traffic. Similar behavior seems to be on the rise, especially during the summer cottage season.

In this you not only put your life but also the life of others in danger.

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