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We found out what kind of bikinis and swim trunks the Finns are buying right now – the favorite colors and the best model of pants are clear


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Birgitta Fjeder, Sokos’ sales manager, says the most popular shade of swimwear doesn’t come as a surprise: The familiar and safe black is the most commonly purchased bikini and swimsuit color.

Black is used alone or in combination with other colors.

Currently many Finns buy bikini tops and bottoms in different colours. For example, a different pattern can be chosen for the upper part, and black for the lower part, says Fjäder.

Shades of blue also attract Finns year after year. The trendy shade of blue this year is bright, dark blue.


Black always works.

Underwear specialist Emma Cahalane of Helsinki Stockman and underwear saleswoman Tina Ojantausta see similar popular colors in their work: According to them, darker ones, especially green and various shades of blue, are currently being sought and bought.

– Black color always works for our customers. It can also be found in the collections this year, in many different models, both in swimsuits and in bikinis.

Credit Preferred?  Black overalls.  Finnish people also now gravitate towards blue and green.

Credit Preferred? Black overalls. Finnish people also now gravitate towards blue and green. Photo: / The Image Direct / MVPhotos

high waist please

Socos have a high waist trend in bikini bottoms. The upper, popular among Finnish customers, is now a top-like model without arch support.

The kokoukari is comparable in popularity to the bikini: It’s a fun and popular option, and there isn’t a big difference in demand between bikinis and swimsuits, Fajder says.

Stockman tells us that Sabha’s swimsuits seem to be a current favorite of customers. His experiment is now alive. The most popular bikini models are high bottoms and tops with arch support.

There are a lot of requests for models that don’t have too many open backs, frills or ruching, says Stockman.

The high waist and top like the one shown in the picture are popular in Sokos.  Stockman buys the hottest bikini bras with arch support.

The high waist and top like the one shown in the picture are popular in Sokos. Stockman buys the hottest bikini bras with arch support. Photo: / The Image Direct / MVPhotos

more colors for overseas

But many also stick to flashy colors: For example, bright yellow bikinis are very matching now, according to Fajder. At Stockmann, there is some demand for bikinis and swimsuits in gold, very bright colors and patterns.

According to Birgitta Fjader, the choice of colors is strongly influenced by whether the swimsuit is to be used in Finland or abroad.


The style of bikini and swimsuit abroad is quite colourful. In Finland, we are a bit more conservative.

– When we go abroad, the style of bikini and swimsuit is very colorful. When we’re in Finland, says Fjäder, we tend to be a bit more conservative.

For Finnish beaches, a slightly more colorless and more covering style is desired, abroad you can wear smaller and very brightly colored bikinis.

Yellow, orange and floral patterns are currently a favorite of Sokos customers.

Yellow, orange and floral patterns are currently a favorite of Sokos customers. Photo: MEGA / MEGA Agency / MVfoto

On the other hand, a lot of sarong or kaftan-type light jackets are also bought for holiday trips. According to Fjäder, they should always be available in the swimwear department, as it’s in demand every summer.

The challenge is finding the right size and model

According to Fjäder, the most common question for Finns shopping for swimwear is finding the right size. You don’t necessarily need to know your size, especially in bikini bras.

Fjäder recommends entering the fitting booth and asking the salesperson for help. The correct size and fitting model can often be found only after a short conversation. Professional reminds that there are size and fit differences between brands. You shouldn’t mercilessly look at the size label.

– Different manufacturers have a variety of models. They can be completely separated from each other at the top.


Many customers come in to buy and say they can’t deal with the sleeper – and that’s awful.

The proportions of their own body and those parts of the body that cause insecurity are heard by the clients. For example, a long back highlighted by a swimsuit or the pleats and softness you might think about it in a fitting booth.

– Many customers come shopping and say they can’t handle a nap – and that’s terrible, says Fjäder.

— but when made to fit a customer, we often come away saying that we would never have believed we could find bikinis or swim trunks that fit like this.

The message about the importance of a perfect fit also comes from Stockman.

– Customer is often ready to take any color once we can find a model that suits them.

What about durability? According to the Sokos sales manager, the interest in ecology is not yet reflected in swimwear purchases as much as one might expect. However, when customers hear about the recycled content of the swimsuit, they are quite impressed and happy. Stockman reports that products made from recycled materials are very popular.

take care of your swimwear

Swimsuits and bikinis wear out easily from heat, sunlight, sun protection creams, and chlorine: all of which weaken the flexible swimsuit fabric. Good maintenance extends the life of your swimsuit. Remember these tips from a pro.

Swimsuits do not need to be washed in the washing machine after each use. Instead, you can gently wash it off in the shower with the same shampoo or detergent you use to wash yourself. So sometimes throwing it in the washing machine is enough.

Always wash bikinis and swimsuits in the washing machine on a delicate program and in a laundry bag.

Always check the washing instructions for each product and follow them exactly.

Never dry swimwear under light or heat, such as over a radiator, in a tumble dryer or in direct sunlight.

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