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Vanessa, the 13-year-old daughter of social media influencer Satu Nordling Gonzalez, died unexpectedly


The Swedish-Finnish mother of a large family, Satu Nordling Gonzalez, known for her My Baby Dolls Instagram account, says that the cause of death of Vanessa’s daughter was revealed in the autopsy.

The 13-year-old daughter of Satu Nordling Gonzalez, 39, one of the most popular social media family influencers in Sweden and Finland, has died unexpectedly. Gonzalez shared the news on her popular My Baby Dolls Instagram account. The devastated mother initially shared the sad news on Instagram on May 16.

– I can’t breathe. Our dearest and dearest daughter Vanessa is no longer with us. Please send us love and strength to overcome this unspeakable loss,” Nordling Gonzalez wrote at the time.

Swedish-Finnish Nördling Gonzalez, who is known to be a mother of a large family, later said she plans to tell her more than 445,000 Instagram followers about it until she has more Don’t have the strength to find the right words for what happened.

Now, however, Nordling Gonzalez has recounted the events of the night of her daughter’s death to stop the rumors swirling around the case. He has repeatedly asked people to stop spreading rumors and speculating about the cause of death.

Nordling Gonzalez explained the incident in his Instagram post, where daughter Vanessa posed with crutches. Vanessa recently injured her knee in a trampoline accident and had to have knee surgery.

– I go through events in my head all the time, but it’s hard for me to write about it. I’m doing this (text) for Vanessa, but also for us, so that we can grieve in peace without speculation and rumours.

Nordling Gonzalez says he woke up on the night of May 15 to find Vanessa vomiting in her room. The mother thought that the daughter was nervous about the surgery to be performed in the morning. He says that he took his daughter out to the terrace, where the daughter said that she had back pain. Soon Vanessa started having trouble breathing.

Before I could finish the call, the ambulance arrived. At first all the tests looked good, but since Vanessa’s throat was also swollen externally, she took Anders (her father) to the hospital in an ambulance.

Nordling Gonzalez says her husband called from the hospital and said everything was fine.

– He said: go to sleep now and we will call you when the X-ray is done.

Afterward, Nordling Gonzalez says he put the family’s young children, who had been awakened by the events, back to sleep. At four in the morning, Nordling Gonzalez was awakened by her husband’s call:

Vanessa had gone into cardiac arrest.

Nordling Gonzalez immediately left for the hospital.

– There I hug the shocked Anders and we reach the room where 20-30 doctors are struggling to get Vanessa’s heart right again.

– They fought for two incredibly long hours and really did everything they could to save our sweet daughter’s life until it was possible.

Nordling Gonzalez says Vanessa’s aorta had ruptured, causing blood to leak into her lungs and other parts of her body.

According to the autopsy, his blood vessels were fragile and it was only a matter of time before this happened. There was no way we could have stopped it.

Nördling González, who lives in Stockholm, has been sharing life with his extended family for several years, first on his blog and then on social media. Vanessa was the second eldest of the children in the family. In addition, the family includes ten other children, of whom the youngest is six months old and the eldest is 14 years old.

The social media influencer took to Instagram to thank his relatives and friends for taking care of him from morning till night along with his extended family. He has said that the family would not have survived this time of crisis without their loved ones.

Nördling González, who lives in Stockholm, talked about his family’s everyday life in an interview with Ilta-Sanomi last March. She said that having a big family and motherhood has always been her biggest dream.

– I always want many children to take care of me. I enjoy the fact that I get to take care of the kids and also give them each other and a lifelong friendship, Nordling Gonzalez commented in an interview with IS at the time.

You can read the full interview at the link given below:

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Nordling Gonzalez’s parents are Finnish, but he himself was born in Sweden. He is proud of his Finnish roots and speaks Finnish with his children.

In an interview with IS, Nordling Gonzalez described love as the most rewarding part of motherhood in a family.

I get immense pleasure from my children every day.

– A sense of belonging is important to me. I appreciate that my family and I actually make time to be together. That’s why we do so many things together, like swimming, walking, traveling and hiking.

Read more: When 39-year-old Satu and kids step out the door, people start staring – ‘Are these all mine’

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