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Katja donates thousands of Euros to repair ace horse’s teeth – “I wish grandma could get such good care”


Katja Luoma of Kurica believes that the horses are better looked after in the village than by the grandmothers and priests.

A tooth can become a big problem. Even for the horse.

Two-time King Contestant Anon Wilppi experienced it all in the winter. The nightmare for Kurikkalainen’s horse lasted three months.

Trainer Katja Luoma says the 11-year-old horse has had to gallop to the hemp vet dozens of times.

The repair of Pusky’s tooth did not come to the soldiers of Anon Wilp’s background, but the difficulty of it completely surprised them.

Eka’s cheek has an extra molar behind the normal teeth, which can probably be called wisdom teeth like humans. It was known for years that at some point it might be removed. Luoma says the teeth were monitored and the horse was examined at regular intervals.


Hard work was required to remove Eka’s “wisdom tooth”. Photo: Katja Luoma Archive

At the end of last year, dental repair became relevant.

When the happy boy turned into a douchebag and no longer threw toys in the nursery, you knew something was wrong with him. The tooth started troubling Ikka, says Luoma.

Anon Wilp’s molars were photographed. Luoma says that according to the advice of all the experts, the only option was to remove the extra tooth.

– It pressed on the right tooth, which started to become crooked.

Operations began in January.


It turned out to be a hellish thing.

The trainer knew that removing a large dent in a difficult spot would be no mean feat for the horse. He still could not imagine how much trouble this would cause.

– It turned out to be a hellish thing, Luoma describes.

– I had to use Eka ten times in Senjoki and Tampere clinics for surgery and control. In addition, the municipal veterinarian once had to hydrate a horse at our house when it was not feeling well.

Ikka and Katja Luoma enjoy each other's company.

Ikka and Katja Luoma enjoy each other’s company. Photo: Katja Luoma Archive

If the intubation didn’t work, Ikka would have to go from Hyvinka to the veterinary hospital. I guess you could say that even its life was in danger then.

Luoma says that Anon Wilppi had to take the medicine in front of five horses.

Fortunately, despite taking such a quantity of medicine, its stomach remained healthy. The meat and muscles of the stallion were not lost during the regime, Luoma blesses.

Ace is happy again.

Ace is happy again. Photo: Katja Luoma Archive

Luoma also thinks about how well Anon Villappi has maintained his physical condition.

– When a horse has a fever of 40 degrees and does not eat or drink, it does not immediately come to mind to jog with it. Fortunately, Eka could always be taken between treatments.

It could be trained normally only after the last pieces of teeth were removed from its mouth in April.


I was also able to talk to the vets on the phone all the time, but try the same on the human side. No chance.

Although Luoma has had to sacrifice countless hours and thousands of euros to care for his horse, he is grateful to the staff at the equine clinic. He says that Anon Wilppi was treated by three veterinarians who worked well together.

I wish grandparents could get equally good treatment in the health service of Municipal Corporation. When a person makes an effort to visit a dentist, there is no doubt that it will be successful very quickly.

– I was also able to talk to the vets on the phone all the time, but let’s try the same on the human side. No chance.

On Saturday the long-awaited moment will come in Kurica. Enon Wilppi is finally ready to compete after a seven-month break. Ori starts in the Kajaani Kavioliga Revs.

– We did not go to the track to test Ace, as we have not done before. However, it has been surprisingly light on hill training. There are also hills in the plains, even though not everyone believes it, Luoma explains.

– Horses that have been trained for life recover quite well. The stallion is not at his best now, and since the break he has never been at his best, even though everything was fine with him.

The ace himself may not agree with his coach.

– In his opinion, he thinks he is in pretty good shape. Ikka is already playing and frolicking with balls and toys the old fashioned way, Luoma says with a big smile.

Life between competitions is not easy.

Life between competitions is not easy. Photo: Katja Luoma Archive

Even though Anon Wilp’s competition season may start much later than planned, Luoma still dreams of a royal competition spot. Wreaths will be laid in Kauvola in two months.

– We have a burning desire to go to royal raves this summer too. It can be a bit jarring, but not too jarring, as it seems that many horses still haven’t had their hard points in crunching. On the other hand, Rooney and the Swedish import have them.

Luoma’s protege desperately needs to start in his lead to break his top streak and collect enough ranking points for the Kovola clinchers.

Due to which the stallion has to travel 400 km away for the competition on Saturday. Luoma doesn’t expect the horse to be successful the first time she partners with her husband, Jari Auteo.

In Kajaani, Enon Vilppi will meet, among others, Nyland, who has had wild runs throughout the spring, and HV Turi, runner-up in the King’s Shield of the Year, who has again found his peak position after the backwater phase.

Powered by Jari Auto, Anon Vilppi will be in real action at Kajani on Saturday after a long time.

Powered by Jari Auto, Anon Vilppi will be in real action at Kajani on Saturday after a long time. Photo: Terhi Pispa-Hellstein / Sukuposti.net

– It doesn’t feel ready to race, but I’ll be satisfied if it runs properly the first time by the end and shows it’s in good condition at the start. This time the ranking is like a side note.

Of course, the owning couple also welcome a good investment and the monetary reward it brings. A portion of Eika’s total profit of 130,000 euros went to vet expenses for the winter.

Luckily, it did well last year and was able to pay its own bills.

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