Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Arrogance erupts at JOENSU – tickets stolen, staff pushed


Restaurant Kerubi plans to file a criminal complaint regarding the incident.

Pride month began with a small victory at Joensoo’s restaurant Kerubi, which was the target of vandalism on the night between Thursday and Friday.

According to the restaurant’s CEO Asko Piperinen, at around 1:30 midnight, a restaurant employee who was leaving his shift saw three men in front of Kerubi who had arrived to tear down the pride flag with the Kerubi logo.

– Our employee got in the way, but he was pushed aside and of course he also backed away, because there were three of them, and he didn’t want to risk his health, says Piperinen.

Two out of four tickets went to ticket thieves. Flag poles were cut and broken. According to Pieparinen, a staff member called the police, who arrived a little late, and the ticket robbers were not found.

Police in Eastern Finland confirmed to Ilta-Sanoam that the police had a ticket-related task at the restaurant Kerub.

One of the two stolen tickets had already been found. According to Pieparinen, a local resident of Joensuu had reported that he had found one of the tickets a few hundred meters away from the restaurant.

– The other is still somewhere.

Kerubi is located in Illosaari, and the Pilisjoki river flows nearby. Piperinen considers it possible that one of the flags has ended up in the water.

The restaurant reacted quickly to the ticket theft and new tickets were immediately ordered before one of the stolen tickets was found. The cut cords on the flag poles will also have to be made new.

– It won’t discourage us, Pieparinen swears.

A criminal complaint is being filed in connection with the incident. Police did not manage to reach the suspected perpetrators during the night, but according to Pieparinen, there is an extensive surveillance camera image of what happened at the restaurant.

– It is so serious that an employee has been assaulted. Something that cannot be ignored, we want to take care of this last one.

By the time new ones come in, the empty halls should be filled again with pride stamps.

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