Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Gynecologist who allegedly impregnated several of her clients – died in a plane crash


The woman learned years later that her gynecologist was actually her biological father, a civil lawsuit filed against the man claimed.

2.6. 23:56

A New York gynecologist who is suspected of using his own sperm to impregnate several of his clients has died in a plane crash, NBC News reports.

Morris Wortman, 72, was a passenger on the small plane that crashed last weekend. The pilot also died in the accident.

Wortman was a well-known gynecologist and often the target of anti-abortion demonstrations. His client’s daughter filed a civil suit against the man in 2021. According to the lawsuit, the doctor had secretly used his own sperm, even though he had told his patient that a medical student had acted as the sperm donor. The woman became pregnant.

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According to the suit, Wortman didn’t tell the truth even when his biological daughter became his client.

Through DNA test, the woman came to know the truth only after years. It was also revealed at the time that he had at least nine half-sisters.

Wortman never responded to the lawsuit filed against him, which is still pending.

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