Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Ilka Vainio publishes a nude photo – “Mighty Weatherman!”


Ilka Vainio posted a stunning photo of herself on Instagram.

Songwriter Ilkka “Ile” Vainio, 62, published a hilarious nude photo on her Instagram account. As a preposition, he has kettlebells to cover only the vital areas.

Vanio has taken the picture through the mirror. He holds a camera with one hand and a kettlebell with the other. Maier’s expression is happy.

In the caption, Vainio recites a poem about the weather.


Today’s weather is like this

happy weekend life

Sunshine for all across the country,

All you need is joy and light.

T ilka Vainio. Great Weatherman” he says in the caption.

– Absolutely Fabulous Weatherman!!! one commented with laughing emoticons.

Comments also speculate on how heavy the kettlebell is.

– Is it a six or eight kilo ball? Someone is commenting.

Vainio has written and produced thousands of songs for Kari Tapio, Paula Koivunimi, Nylon Beat and Joop Ruonansu.

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