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June in Lappeenranta begins with cold wet signs – “yes, here we are already used to everything”


Torrential rain hit Lappeenranta badly in the morning. The mercury in the thermometer reached close to zero during the rain.

The start of June has been somewhat chilly compared to the weather in Lappeenranta, which was a sleepy Friday morning.

The freezing weather incident was captured on the phone camera of Taija Maira, a resident of Ruhollammi in Lappeenranta, shortly after 8 am.

So the last morning of the school year wasn’t the most typical of Mayura’s seventh- and eighth-grade boys.

It was a rare morning when the boys asked to be taken to school because it was drizzling outside. It made me wonder why it’s always so cold. Kids don’t think it’s uplifting at all, says Myyrä.

Mayura, who enjoys gardening, is mainly concerned about her seedlings as the weather is getting colder and raining. Temperatures in the two greenhouses had dropped dangerously low, so Myyrä misted the plants and lit candles in the greenhouses to keep the indoor air on the positive side.

Myyrä doesn’t remember seeing similar weather for a moment in June, but the garden’s plants are covered with double mist before late spring.

Elders say that after June 10 saplings can be planted. If you put it first, there is a risk.

Small hailstorms have occurred in Lappeenranta over the past few days, according to Myra, but they haven’t left the ground white like Friday’s sleet in Ruholami.

The mercury in the thermometer has not dropped so low for some time.

We’ve finally been above six degrees, but now we’re getting closer to zero. This morning also the meter showed zero. The temperature varies between zero and three degrees, says Myyrä, depending, for example, on whether there is a lake nearby.

The torrential rain was also immortalized by Mervi Häkkinen, a resident of the central region of Lappeenranta, who hit the window at the same time as Myra: just after eight in the morning.

According to Häkkinen, who got up at seven, it still didn’t rain early in the morning, but it started after eight. According to Häkkinen’s observations, the rain lasted for a few hours.

– This is terrible for a person who loves the sun and the heat. The warm weather was wonderful in May, so it feels especially bad now when the weather is so cold, Häkkinen regrets.

– Those who love summer are very sad.

Häkkinen says stormy winds have recently hit the Lappeenranta region. According to him, hailstorm hit his head on Saturday last week while returning home from work.

Häkkinen, speaking by phone after noon, says the sun is already shining.

It rained heavily after eight o'clock on Friday morning.

It rained heavily after eight o’clock on Friday morning. Photo: Mervi Häkkinen / Reader’s Photo

Not everyone is completely sleep deprived: Mirka Aresvuo, who lives in the central region of Lappeenranta, says that despite the snowy winters, you don’t see a speck of snow anywhere. Many times he has been released in June as well.

When the heat is well up here, says Aresvuo, a few hours of sleep won’t hurt much.

Airesvuo took pictures and videos of hail between 9 am and 10 am.

– It was certainly quite a depressing sight with the holidays approaching and more snow coming. When the rain intensified, I went to check the thermometer, and it showed more than 1.5 degrees. It was also quite a wild sight.

Snow on top of Mirka Airesvuo's car.

Snow on top of Mirka Airesvuo’s car. Photo: Mirka Aresvuo / Reader’s Photo

– It happens sometimes. Yes, he is already used to everything here, says Airesvuo.

Similar moments from the recent past do not suddenly come to his mind. Facebook recently brought up a memory where in late May the backyard of Aresvuo was covered under a layer of snow after being raked by a wheelbarrow.

– May and June are exciting in Finland, he concluded.

Photo: Mirka Aresvuo / Reader’s Photo

Germo Okko, who lives in Yus-Lovola, Lappeenranta, says he was walking his dogs when it first started raining. The rain soon turned into snow falling from the sky. Okko estimates that the largest flakes were about five centimeters in diameter.

According to Oko, the rain that left behind the white earth lasted for half a day. The snow didn’t stay on the ground for long, says Okko, but melted between one and two in the afternoon.

– Yes, it was a little funny that yarrow blooms in that yard and snow falls from the sky. I thought the horse chestnut branches would break when the snow pressed them so low.

Jarmo Okko films the rain on the balcony of his home in Uss-Lavola, Lappeenranta.

Jarmo Okko films the rain on the balcony of his home in Uss-Lavola, Lappeenranta. Photo: Jarmo Okko / Reader’s Photo

Photo: Jarmo Okko / Reader’s Photo

Fourca says that in the night between Thursday and Friday, freezing temperatures were measured in places as far south as the country. When the cold wind came, it brought snow and sleet as far as southern Finland.

The night’s coldest temperature was -2.7 degrees Celsius at Lappeenranta’s Konnunsuo station.

The heaviest rains were concentrated in the western part of the country, northern Ostrobothnia and Kanusi, both at night and in the morning.

Fintraffic's weather cameras recorded a truck driving through snow just after 10am.

Fintraffic’s weather cameras recorded a truck driving through snow just after 10am. Photo: Fintraffic

Snow and sleet reached southern Finland during the night and morning.

Snow and sleet reached southern Finland during the night and morning. Photo: Fintraffic

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