Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Researcher’s find: Android may get a desired feature familiar to iOS


In future, Android phones may be able to check the physical condition of the battery, evidence found in the operating system suggests.

The next version of Google’s Android operating system, 14, could offer phone users a way to see the physical health of their batteries — not just the charge, which is naturally already visible.

Android researcher Mishaal Rahman told about it on Twitter. He bought Google’s Pixel k7 Pro phone and expressed regret that it does not show the physical condition of the battery.

– It would be nice to see how many times the battery has been charged or an approximate percentage of its original capacity. Luckily, Google has made this possible in Android 14, Rehman rejoices.

It remains to be seen whether the researcher’s joy is justified. Android 14 isn’t ready yet, and in the preview used by Rahman, battery status can only be monitored after various tricks like installing external apps.

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It is unclear whether the feature will be widely available to all users as part of Android 14. According to Rahman, it appears that Google is planning to provide third-party app developers access to this information as well.

Apple has introduced this feature in iPhones for a long time. This path can be found in Settings > Battery > Battery health & charging. However, at least occasionally the ceremony has been suspected of being a ploy that does not represent the actual situation. That’s the ending of the news service ZDNet in January 2022.

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In the year 2017, Apple was caught in a lot of trouble when the company was found to slow down the iPhone using old batteries without informing the users. Apple has apologized for its action and has reduced the cost of battery replacement. The company has changed the settings of the phone so that users can turn off this feature themselves.

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