Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The rapper made a surprise donation to Posio’s school with his grandmother Anja


A total of 25 Rappler Scholarships will be awarded. Creativity and positivity are emphasized in the selections.

Finland’s Eurovision representative Karija and her grandmother Anja surprised Posio Elementary School and High School with a scholarship donation.

According to the school’s headmaster, Salla-Marit Toivainen, Anja’s grandmother, whose real name is Jere Pohonen, from Posio in Karija, contacted the school right after the exam on Monday. Anja, together with her grandson, offered to donate 1,000 euros to the school’s scholarship fund.

– The idea came from the children of our school cheering enthusiastically for Karija on the Friday before the Eurovision Song Contest, and journalists came here and made a story about it, Toivanan opens.

Koilisanomat was the first to report about the donation.

The school’s Karija fantasy extended to Karija and her grandmother as well.

– They were very pleased that we were considered Karija in our daily life.

People have also been taken to the school. According to Toivainen, the youth at the school are thrilled with the scholarship donation.

Tomorrow is an exciting day when we are going to distribute these scholarships to the students and the students.

In the picture is Karija's grandmother Anja.

In the picture is Karija’s grandmother Anja. Photo: Poehonen’s home album

On Saturday, 20 scholarships are going to be distributed from the primary school and high school and five from the high school. 500 Euros were donated to both the primary school and high school scholarship funds.

Headmaster Toivainen has gone through the basics with Karija’s grandmother Anja, according to which scholarships will be distributed to the students tomorrow.

– Creativity and creative content are the basis on which these are delivered. And also the fact that the rapper himself is a positive person, hence the search for positivity. Such a class spirit booster.

Students will also know if they have got the Karija Scholarship right now. Although the scholarship isn’t green, according to Toivenen, the Cariza drug isn’t going away anytime soon.

– In Karija-Huma, students have worked in art classes, and now an art exhibition will be opened in the Pozio library, where these works of art will be displayed.

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