Monday, December 11, 2023

In the Finnish Cup, a big surprise with tough guys – the goalkeeper panicked in an incredible way: “Oijojoi, what’s up?”


Salpa’s Wesker made a mistake and he lost the next position.

In the men’s football Suomen Cup, the lower league teams looked for a surprise against the Veikausliiga teams, but the result turned out to be different. The league clubs were strong in the semi-finals.

Vanta Jalkapallosera VJS, which plays in Kolmøse, was defeated in its home match by Tampere’s Ilves with a score of 0–4. The goals for Ilves were scored by James Angor, Petteri Pennanen, Adam Larsson and Tatu Meitunen.

Salon Palloiligit, who were previously relegated from the continuation of league club Turku Inter, met Honga, a league club from Espoo. This time, Salpa, playing in Yakkosen, could not spring a surprise as Honka won 3–1 away.

The first goal of the match was marked by an own goal by the Salo team, when Salo goalkeeper Tatu Osterlund kicked the ball into his own pocket.

– Wow! what’s going on there? sneered at the commentator of the match.

Juan Alegría scored Honga’s 2–0 goal after just over half an hour of play. However, Sailpa managed to narrow it down when Jesse Huhtala made it 2–1 just before the halftime whistle.

The scorer of Honga’s second goal also hit the ball into the goal late in the second period of the match, so Honga won thanks to two goals from Alegría.

On the other hand, IFK Mariehamn surprised Vikausliiga top team Kuopio Pallosura at their home ground by winning after a penalty shootout. Actual playing time ended in a 1–1 draw, but in the end the home team won with a score of 5–4.

KuPS is the defending champion of the cup. It won the trophy in 2021 and 2022.

AC Oulu put up a strong performance as the guest of KTP in Kotka, winning the match 2-1.

IFK Mariehamn, Ilves, AC Oulu and Honka will play in the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be played in August and the final on 30 September at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

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