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Jorma Uotinen’s youthful photo fills social media followers with smiles – the incredible pose is stunning


Jorma Uotinen once held several positions.

Dance artist Jorma Uotinen, 73, published a decades-old photo on Instagram that shocked social media followers. In the old black-and-white photo, young Jorma bends himself in such an arch that it would frighten people with weak backs.

– Once upon a time, Uotinen’s poems in the caption.

However, the famous dance judge did not reveal what year the shot in question actually dates from. Still, social media is convincing.

– How can the back bend so far back? Someone asks.

– An amazing photo of the most amazing dancer of all time, makes others admire.

– Great image, sculpted pose.

Jorma Uotinen, who once had an illustrious dancing career, is currently best known as a judge on the show Dancing with the Stars, where he entertains Finns with his most exclusive stunts on Sunday evenings.

Uotinen has judged the program since its inception, i.e. for 16 seasons.

However, Uotinen has recently faced unfortunate health problems. In March, Uotinen suffered a cerebral infarction, which resulted in him being hospitalized for several weeks. Now the dancer-choreographer’s health is fine and he has returned to work.

– I am feeling great. “Good enough, nothing to complain about,” the dance star commented to IS in August.

Despite recovery, the cerebral infarction left its mark.

– Of course, not everything is as it seems. I still have such pain in my other hand and sometimes I have difficulty balancing. I feel them myself, but they don’t appear that way from the outside,’ Uotinen says cheerfully.

Uotinen’s attitude towards life has not been affected in any way by the illness.

– This case in itself was a revolutionary and very powerful experience. It didn’t change my relationship with life, he reminded, “people get sick and it can happen to anyone on any day.”

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