Monday, December 11, 2023

A major 15 million euro project in Oulu fails due to residents’ complaints


A project to build a new football stadium in the Heineapaa district of Oulu has been suspended. AC Oulu has explained this in its press release. This stadium was to become the new home stadium of the club playing in the Veikkausliiga.

According to Tommi Casmo, chairman of the board of OTC Stadium Oy, which is leading the 15 million euro project, the construction project will be stopped due to delays caused by numerous complaints and increased cost levels.

The project, which was initiated three years ago, first came into opposition when OTC Stadium Oy applied for planning reservation for the planned site of Heinapa Stadium. The project was delayed by about a year due to the need to conduct bird surveys.

In February this year, Oulu City Council unanimously approved planning changes for the area, but in March, two separate appeals were filed against the project at the Administrative Court of Northern Finland.

A complaint was filed by six individuals living in the nearby area, who demanded that the change in the plan be reversed. Kaleva, who saw the complaint, said in March that it was about 20 pages long.

– Noise surveys should be specified, for example, with regard to the fact that a football match may include components such as impact (ball kick) or narrow-band sound (referee’s whistle), which can be detected by two new stations located outside The outdoor grounds have been ignored. Kaleva demanded a stadium building in the complaint.

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According to the press release, AC Oulu’s press release states that handling complaints in the administrative court could delay the project by up to two years. This, coupled with ever-increasing cost levels, was simply too high.

– It is extremely sad that such a complaint paralyzes the development of the world’s most popular sport in Oulu, in a situation when the project had really strong support from the city council and office holders, Tomi Kasmo press release. said in.

According to the release, financing for the million-dollar project, which was planned to be done primarily with private financing, had been fully arranged.

– It is very sad that the parties filing the complaint did not even agree to discuss with us how the issues they were concerned about could have been resolved together. I cannot explain the reason for such activity.

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