Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Barack Obama publishes a sweet photo – this is how Obama celebrated his wedding day


The Obamas have been together for 31 years.

Former US President Barack Obama published a photo on Tuesday in which he is celebrating his wedding with his wife Michelle Obama. In the photo, the couple is posing together with wide smiles in the countryside.

– Happy wedding day dear. Obama writes, You are amazing, kind, funny and beautiful – and I am lucky to call you mine.

Michelle Obama also shared a photo with her ex to celebrate the couple’s wedding anniversary.

– 31 years, and a lifetime ahead. I love the procession of life with you. Michelle Obama writes, Happy wedding day my love.

Although the couple is glowing with happiness in the photos, Michelle Obama has also opened up about the challenges of the couple’s union. In 2020, IS reported how Obama recalled how the dynamics of the couple’s union had changed with the arrival of young children.

– Preparing for the amazing joy of having children is hard, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But wow, they really know how to mess up a marriage, Michelle said.

Obama said that in most long marriages, there come times when spouses cannot tolerate each other.

– There were times I wanted to push Barack out the window. And I say this because you have to know that those feelings are intense. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Difficult times can last a long time, it can take years.

Even the tough times were overcome, as the couple has been together for 31 years. They have two adult daughters, Malia and Natasha Obama.

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