Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The released tapes reveal the judges’ inexplicable confusion – starting with panic when Vishal Moka appeared: “Oh *****”


The video referee forgot which decision was given on the field.

English football refereeing organization PGMOL has released an extraordinary audio tape of the VAR referee’s discussion during last weekend’s Premier League clash between Liverpool and Tottenham.

In a situation that caused great excitement, the video referee checked the situation before Liverpool’s Luis Diaz’s goal, which the linesman ruled was offside. The on-field decision stood, even though still images of the situation clearly showed that Diaz was not offside.

After the match, PGMOL admitted that “human error” had occurred in the situation. The tape, released at Liverpool’s request, shows what really happened in the situation.

On tape it appears that the video referee noticed in his review that Diaz was not offside in the situation, but he became confused as to which decision was given on the field.

– Investigation done, investigation done. That’s right, that’s right, VAR referee Darren England announced on tape to referee Simon Hooper.

After this Hooper allowed the game to continue.

– wait wait wait. Offside was ruled on the field. Does this work for you? the person conducting the meltdown asks the VAR booth on the tape.

After a brief confusion, the video judges became aware of the incident.

– The game continues. The assistant video referee says he called it offside.

– Oh *****, England curses.

In a confused situation, the person playing the videotape still tries to demand the video referee stop the game, but finds this impossible.

– We can’t do anything, England says and curses.

In PGMOL’s announcement, what happened was described as a “transient loss of concentration”. By the time the mistake was discovered, it was too late to fix it, the release said. PGMOL says it will take necessary steps to avoid similar mistakes in future.

Tottenham won the match 2-1.

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