Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Warning for motorists: Driving weather will be particularly bad on Wednesday


Fintraffic advises that due to heavy rainfall and high winds, you should allow extra time for traffic.

Finntraffic’s road traffic center says driving conditions will worsen on Wednesday in many places in Finland.

Particularly in Kymenlaakso, South Karelia and South Savo, dangerously strong winds can be expected during the day. The wind speed in gusts is up to 20 meters per second.

Traffic will also be disrupted due to heavy rain from Tuesday and Wednesday night. Driving conditions are also expected to deteriorate in Udelmaa, Kanta- and Paijat-Ham and in North Karelia, Fintraffic’s press release said.

– Strong wind and torrential rain are a combination, which is why it is now advisable to allot more time for the commute, for example, and adapt your driving speed to the current driving conditions, where there is a clear risk of hydroplaning tomorrow, ” The traffic center reminds Sanna Pilinen, manager of Fintraffic’s Road Traffic Centre.

Fintraffic reminds that safety gaps should be kept in road traffic regardless of the season, but you should be especially careful about them during the darkest times of the year, when weather conditions on the road are more challenging than usual. .

The driver should also check the characteristics of their vehicle in relation to the headlights and ensure that they are lit front and rear, especially in low visibility driving conditions.

– Safety gaps play a huge role in such challenging driving conditions in autumn. In summer, in good and dry weather, at a speed of 100 km/h, a safety distance of one hundred meters may be sufficient, but in the rain, the braking distance increases significantly.

– Therefore maintain a long enough safety distance from the driver in front, because this is the only way to avoid series accidents during the morning and afternoon rush hours, for example, insists Pilninen.

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