Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A shocking twist in TTK! The semi-finals saw a surprise elimination


TTK’s finalists are clear.

On Sunday, the Dancing with the Stars show featured a particularly exciting moment as four dance couples battled for spots in the evening’s semi-final broadcast.

Four star couples competed for the top three: Pernilla Bockerman and Anssi Heikkila, Emma Kimilainen and Matti Puro, Matti Sur-Hamari and Katri Rihilahti and Ybøya and Valtteri Paulin.

Yeboah, who had previously been eliminated from the competition, was able to return to Parakeet, as competitor Jarkko Niemi had to leave Parakeet prematurely after falling ill with bad flu.

Emma and Matty were eliminated in the semi-finals. From his two performances he received a total of 51 points from the jury.

The best couple of the evening as voted by the judges and audience was Pernilla and Ansi.

Therefore, Pernilla and Ansi, Matti and Katri and Yeboya and Valtteri remain until next week’s final.

Judge scores for pairs

■ Pernilla and Ansi, Tango 30p / Double Step 30p = 60p

■ Jeboiah and Valtteri, Viennese Waltz 27p / Cha Cha Cha 25p = 52p

■ Emma and Matty, Viennese Waltz, 27 p / Rumba 24 p = 51 p

■ Matty and Catrie, Slow Waltz 25p / Paso Doble 25p = 50p

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