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Survivors of “everybody’s friend” fell from Finland – he could not guess his fate


Beware of conspiracy revelations! Survivors Finnish Fowler’s experience of the mutilation in the jungle was not unlike his own.

Survivors Finland has progressed to the point where the top five contestants have advanced to the competition.

In the episode, podcast host Sergei Hillman was eliminated, so he finished in sixth place.

Pinja Sunaksaho won untouchability for the second consecutive time in the episode. Additionally, others had free play at Tribal Council, the outcome of which Hillman could not predict.

– I didn’t know I was going. I thought Sonja (Aiello) was going because every single one of them lied to me that they were voting for Sonja. Well played, Hillman said, according to Pudoni.

Hillman performed well in various competitions.  He especially benefited from his speed.

Hillman performed well in various competitions. He especially benefited from his speed. Photo: Lars Johnson/Nelonen

In Pudoni’s account, Hillman analyzes why he got so far in the program. He says that voting out other contestants and playing in general was the hardest part of the competition.

If I had not had good relationships with people, I would not have been able to survive even for 31 days. I think this was my biggest strength, that I made a lot of new friendships. I should have focused more on playing and planning, but without a strong alliance I would not have made it this far in the race.

Hillman performed well in the awards and immunity competitions. For example, Sanaxenaho mentioned that this was the reason for voting for the podcast host.

Hillman, in Pudoni’s description, says that he desired a certain way of elimination at the tribal competition, when he saw the jury members who had already been eliminated from the competition. Because in Hillman’s opinion they looked and smelled good.

After smoking in the fallen villa, Hillman puts on his clean clothes and perfume.

– Facial weight has noticeably reduced. I felt like I was almost going to cry, but instead I started washing my face. When there is a kilo of dirt on his face, no tears come, he screams.

Those still alive include Pinja Sanaksenaho, Sonja Aiello, Rami Hietniemi, Titti Junna and Teemu Roivainen.

Survivor Finland on Sunday at 19:30 on Nellose and Rudu.

Ilta-Sanomat, Nelonen and Ruutu belong to the same Sanoma group.

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