Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A dispute arises for an unknown reason between a couple on a first date at the altar – the wife bursts into tears


Beware of conspiracy revelations! Alexei and Rhea get into an awkward argument, which leaves them both bitter.

On Tuesday’s episode of the First Date at the Altar program, Alexei and Rhea clear up a particular misunderstanding.

The camera shows Rhea wiping her tears in front of the mirror cabinet in the bathroom.

– When I came home in the evening, I probably immediately realized that Alex was not at all like that, says Ria.

The disagreement began when Alexei gave his wife the keys to his apartment and assumed Rhea would use it.

Then Riya came and rang the doorbell. Alexey says, “The situation became such that he came only as a guest, he did not dare to come to my house.”

– We may have had some misunderstanding. He would need immediate closeness or a hug. She felt really bad when I didn’t accept her right away. “Then, I thought it would be cool to welcome him down that aisle,” Alexey adds.

Riya says that she did not understand properly what caused the burning sensation.

– It was still moving in the evening and night.

Alexey tried to approach Riya, but he found her distant.

– Then those things were going on in my mind so much that I noticed that I had become a little closed off, says Riya.

The situation took them both by surprise. Later, the couple meet sex therapist Tapani Allanon at the reception, with whom they discuss their relationship.

-I have gone through that in some situations it is difficult for me to receive that closeness and to give that closeness. Just when you have that sad feeling. This has been discussed. Rhea says, we have been able to discuss this very well.

First meeting at the altar, Tuesdays at 21:00 on MTV3.

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