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A rare debut of Madonna in the middle of a concert: how close she came to death that summer


Madonna told her concert audience in more detail than ever before about how serious her condition was after contracting a bacterial infection last summer.

65 year old pop queen Madonna is on her celebration tour these days. While performing in Paris on Sunday, November 12, the star gave a speech on stage in which he spoke unusually openly about his serious illness last summer.

In June, it was reported that Madonna was hospitalized with a bacterial infection. Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary announced at the time that Madonna spent several days in the intensive care unit and that the star was expected to make a full recovery.

Madonna said in her speech in Paris that she had come close to death.

– I was in the intensive care unit, and all my children were called. My lungs were not functioning and I was not able to breathe on my own. “My kidneys were failing,” Madonna told the crowd.

For example, Madonna fan sites have shared a video of the speech online, and the speech can be viewed on YouTube, for example.

He was told that the bacterial infection in question has a mortality rate of 40 percent.

Madonna has recovered from her serious illness in a matter of a few months.

Madonna has recovered from her serious illness in a matter of a few months. Photo: Organization via Zuma Press

When Madonna woke up from the hospital, she saw her children around her. Madonna has two biological children and four adopted children. Madonna’s four adopted children are performing with their mother on the current tour.

– I thought it saved me. “My children saved me,” Madonna said in her speech.

It was not possible to estimate his recovery time. Madonna was told it could take six weeks or perhaps even two years.

Madonna told the Paris audience that after being released from the hospital, her manager asked her if she still wanted to tour.

– Oxygen was taken by putting a cannula in my nose. I could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I told him to give me two weeks to think about it.

Madonna is known as a strong woman, but at that moment she couldn’t find any energy or willpower inside herself. After a two-week reflection period the situation remained the same. In his speech he told that his vitality had ended, but one idea became decisive.

– If I don’t do this now I will never be able to do this with my children. So my children saved me. “They pushed me forward and in the end I recovered faster than other people,” Madonna told the cheering crowd.

The tour was originally scheduled to begin in July, but the tour was eventually postponed to October. The tour does not extend to Finland, but Madonna, for example, performed in Stockholm on 28 October and received praise from the Swedish media for her performance.

Madonna has also mentioned her health condition in her previous concerts. Regarding the Belgium event, the superstar said that it is a miracle that he is able to perform now after serious health concerns. He revealed that he was not at full strength that night.

“I have to say, I’m not feeling very good right now, but I can’t complain because I’m alive,” Madonna said, according to Billboard.

The tour is scheduled to continue till the end of April.

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