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An event that attracts thousands of visitors every year is in financial difficulties – the organization resorts to this method


Among other things, the festival’s financial condition has been affected due to the coronavirus pandemic and rising costs.

Finland’s largest film festival Rakkauta & Anarkia is struggling with financial difficulties. This fact can be found in the announcement of the festival organization.

The release states that this situation has arisen due to the impact of the pandemic, instability of the cultural sector and increased costs.

– This fall, Rakkauta and Anarkia set a post-pandemic audience record with 51,000 visitors. For example, before the pandemic, the number was more than 60,000.

Apart from this, the organization says that in difficult times they have also had to invest on a large scale.

The Love and Anarchy Festival has been organized for years.  This autumn festival photo.

The Love and Anarchy Festival has been organized for years. This autumn festival photo. Photo: Teemu Salonen/Lehtikva

The press release states that supporters of the festival are launching a campaign aimed at raising funds to alleviate the difficulties.

The campaign will kick off with a support screening night held at Bio Rex Lasipalatsi on 27th November. Two recent films, The Holdovers and Four Daughters, as well as the 2000 film In the Mood for Love, will be screened at the event.

According to the announcement, this campaign will continue till the end of the year.

The full name of the film festival is Helsinki International Film Festival- Love and Anarchy. This event is being organized since 1988. The event was last held on 14–24 September. In Helsinki.

In addition to the Love & Anarchy Film Festival held in the autumn, the association conducts film education work, distribution and hosts the R&A Spring Break Festival in the spring, according to the release.

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