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Helena Ahti-Hallberg’s fiery debut about the results of the TTK semi-finals – clearly answers those who doubt the judges


Helena Ahti-Hallberg reminds on social media on what basis the judges give their marks to TTK dance couples.

The results of Sunday night’s Dancing with the Stars semi-finals came as a great surprise to many, when Emma Kimilainen and Matti Puro, who were considered early favorites, were unexpectedly eliminated from the competition.

According to star judge Helena Ahti-Hallberg, the judges were squarely to blame for the surprise result, even though the couples made it to the next round based on viewers’ and judges’ votes.

Ahti-Hallberg writes about it on her Instagram profile. He has not remained speechless in the face of criticism and writes a direct message to those who doubt the impartiality of the jury.

– TTK evokes emotions in the audience, deceptively strong. Ahti-Hallberg begins her writing by saying, There is also hate mail, luckily not too much, and I can leave it alone.

– He further said, the constantly repeated headlines about the jury’s prejudice, bias and unfair points confuse me.

Ahti-Hallberg writes that, as far as he remembers, this season, not a single drop has fallen on the final couple according to the judges’ scores.

– And bias again… after all, it’s just that you have to give the best marks to the best, right? Ahti-Hallberg continues.

He emphasizes that, as a TTK judge, he scores the couples based on their dancing skills.

– And if, as the judges say, the person in the jumbo spot does not fall, then the responsibility for him lies at a completely different address than behind the judges’ table, he adds.

– Have a wonderful week, next week we will read again in the newspapers and on social media how we, the judges, once again chose the final result, even though in the final the power lies with the people, he writes at the end of his text and the audience urges us to remember that TTK is entertainment that should be enjoyed.

Many TTK viewers were disappointed when Emma and Matty did not even reach the finals.

Many TTK viewers were disappointed when Emma and Matty did not even reach the finals. Photo: Piet Arré-Ahtio/IS

Surprising some people, Jeboiah and Valtteri made it to the semi-finals of “Dancing with the Stars”. They had already been eliminated from the competition once, but were re-entered the fray when contestant Jarkko Niemi had to pull out of the competition due to a bad flu.

On social media, Jeboiah and Valtteri were surprised by reaching the next stage, and many thought that the wrong pair had been eliminated before the final.

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The final episode of TTK will be shown on television on Sunday, November 26.

In addition to Yeboya and Walter, Pernilla Bockerman and her dance teacher Enssi Heikkila and snowboarders Matti Sur-Hamari and Katri Rihilahti will appear in the final.

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