Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tero and Nina from the Grand Design program left behind millions in debt – this aspect of the couple’s behavior surprised host Sampa Lappalainen


In a TV series featuring construction projects, the couple who was showing off their luxurious home fell into deep financial trouble.

In the fall, MTV3’s Grand Design Suomi series followed Nina and Tero Ingelius’ ill-fated construction project. Shortly after the episode aired, it became clear that the couple had moved out of the country and left behind millions in debt.

The program’s host Sampa Lappalainen told IS that he was not aware of the couple’s financial difficulties.

However, Lappalainen says he was surprised by how confidently Nina and Terro began the production.

– It surprised me what kind of enthusiasm and intensity they were going into that project, Lappalainen said on Sunday’s Tanassi Tahitien Kena guest show.

– says Lappalainen, apparently he did not have enough money and resources.

Lappalainen says he had no information about the background and financial situation of the couples participating in the program.

However, according to Lappalainen, hosting the Grand Design event was overall a great experience.

– He says, it was quite different from the usual work of an architect.

Lappalainen says she noticed that the presenter’s job was also primarily to support the couples participating in the programme.

– Building a house is generally a massive project. Sometimes building a house can end in divorce, says Lappalainen.

– My job in the program was also to accompany the couples and support them as much as possible, explains Lappalainen.

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