Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A photo of naked Valtteri Bottas ended up on the broadcast: “Oh my God!”


Reporter Ted Kravitz couldn’t believe what he saw.

A Sky Sports reporter was surprised to see a naked Valtteri Bottas in the middle of a report from the pit area of ​​the F1 race in Las Vegas.

As usual, Ted Kravitz was running his race summary broadcast from the pits when he experienced a big surprise. A fan in the pit area approached Kravitz, who was in the middle of filming. He carried with him a large photograph of Bottas posing without a strap.

Since this was a live broadcast, Sky Sports naturally could not censor Bottas’ bare body parts, which are not suitable for public consumption on morning television.

In the photo, Bottas is seen wearing only a hat and sunglasses in a sunny country landscape. This photo is one of the shots from Bottas’ recent calendar.

– Oh my god! According to the Mirror, Kravitz was upset to see naked Bottas in his broadcast.

Then an enthusiastic fan said that Bottas himself had signed a big picture. Kravitz then explained where the bullet came from.

– This is one of those naughty pictures that I didn’t agree to show on yesterday’s program. Now this was very cleverly brought into this, and I had never arranged for this to happen. This gentleman came and showed the www.bottass.com image. It is a calendar that collects money for the Movember charity, featuring 13 photos of a completely naked Valtteri Bottas, the journalist explained immediately on the broadcast.

– Now you surely understand why it was so naughty to show off yesterday?

For every 20-euro calendar sold, five euros will be donated to promote prostate cancer research.

Bottas’ calendar attracted a lot of attention during the F1 weekend in Las Vegas. Finn’s real competition diminished. Seventh on the starting grid turned into a bitter disappointment when Bottas suffered an injury in the first corner, his car broke down and the final race was in the dead end.

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