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A surprise on the television map: a home version of The Real Housewives


For example, the Finnish version features a former Salkarite actor.

In February, The Real Housewives Suomi series will be shown on television. The matter is clear from Nelonen’s press release.

Based on an American format, the series follows the lives and everyday lives of five career women.

In the United States, the format has been shown since 2006.

The career women seen in the domestic series are:

Mia Ehrenruth, 36

Mia describes family and exercise as the main pillars of her life.

Mia describes family and exercise as the main pillars of her life. Photo: Saku Tianen

Mia Ehrenroot, best remembered as Cindy Rintala in the Hidden Lives series, recently left her favorite series. Now The Real Housewives of Finland is watching how the mother of two copes with her everyday life, which is filled with attending seminars and modeling work, among other things, alongside her family.

Anitra Ahtola, 51

Anitra Ahola has been in the public eye since the 1990s.

Anitra Ahola has been in the public eye since the 1990s. Photo: Saku Tianen

For Anitra Ahtola, who finished as the first hereditary princess at the 1996 Miss Finland pageant, children and youth are the subject of her heart. In total, he has six children, three from his own and three from ex-partners.

For example, he is known for his dance school, which he founded a few years after coming into the public eye.

Satu Wakibarta, 50+

Satu Wakiparta is a simple man who is not afraid of drama. Additionally, he is known as a natural organizer.

Marzo Toscala, 44

Toscala, who lived in the United States for years with her ex-husband, has pursued a career in her home country after spending years with the Yankees. A woman who strives to make her dreams come true runs an interior design company. Toskala, who has a wide circle of friends, divides her life between Tampere and Helsinki.

Linda Jacobson, 34

Jacobson, a mother of two young children who leads a busy everyday life, is pursuing a career in the gaming industry. He is also said to combine all this with meeting friends, not forgetting romance, he says in Nelonen’s press release. Linda’s best friend is Marzo Toscala, who is also seen in the series.

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Nelonen and Ilta-Sanomat belong to the same Sanoma group.

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