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Comment: Aku Hirviniemi noise gives rise to a worrying phenomenon


The compositions appearing in the comments area of ​​Aku Hirviniemi’s social media account reflect society’s real attitude towards sexual harassment, writes Ilta-Sanomi editor Salli Hakala.

Actor Aku Hirviniemi has been in the news in recent times, after several women publicly said that they received harsh sexual messages from the actor. Some women said they found Hirviniemi’s approach unfair and oppressive.

Some production companies working with Hirviniemi commented to IS regarding the actor’s message, saying that the companies do not condone sexual harassment or bullying of any kind.

Even though the public opinion of many companies is that sexual harassment is not accepted, the reality in our society is completely different.

A recent survey published by the UN equality organization UN Women Finland and the website found that almost every Finnish woman has experienced sexual harassment during her lifetime.

The result is shocking and shows how sexual harassment is ultimately treated in our society.

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This can be seen concretely on Aku Hirviniemi’s personal Instagram account, where the actor apologized for his bad behavior on Tuesday.

-I have made mistakes that I regret. He wrote, I apologize to all those who were hurt by my actions.

– I recognize my problem. I have sought professional help and committed myself to the treatment I have already started, so that this never happens again. I should have brought this up earlier, Hirviniemi writes at the end of his text.

A certain message has been highlighted in the comment area of ​​the apology notice. The message is as brief as: “It’s okay, you’re a good person.”

– Tsemi. “Some people take things too seriously,” one follower commented in the comments area of ​​Hirviniemi’s update.

– What are you, Aku, apologizing for being a man. Don’t apologize, there’s nothing to apologize for, continues next.

– Aku you are the best, someone explains briefly and succinctly.

Some commentators remind us that harassment is never acceptable and an apology is appropriate.

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In the opinion of many commentators, the sexual harassment is merely a minor mistake, and in the opinion of some, it has more to do with the women who foolishly gave their contact information to Hirviniemi. You should know by now that if you give a man your phone number, sexual harassment will naturally occur!

The works that appear in Aku Hirviniemi’s comment area reflect society’s real attitude towards sexual harassment.

But what about the victims of oppression? What are they experiencing?

Läkäärilehti wrote in its recent story about sexual harassment in the workplace that harassment is often underestimated, even though it can have very unpleasant consequences for the victim. Harassment, especially in the workplace, can have serious consequences for the victim.

– Sexual harassment can have serious health and other consequences. Peppina Saastamoinen, a researcher at the Medical Association, interviewed by the magazine, says the victim may even have to change jobs.

The magazine reminds that harassment can also hinder the victim’s career progress, especially if the harasser is in the same workplace and in a leading position.

In IS’s story, three women told about messages they received from Hirviniemi regarding the filming of TV shows and movies. Apart from this, IS also heard similar experiences from many other women.

In screenshots seen by Ilta-Sanomi, Hirviniemi had sent extremely sexual messages. IS was not able to check all the messages because, according to Mintu, who appears in the story, Hirviniemi had blocked him on social media, and previously sent messages have also disappeared.

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Some women who were the targets of Hirviniemi’s sex messages said they did not dare tell about it, lest their own careers be ruined.

People who were with Hirviniemi on the same filming also feared that if they told about the sexual harassment they would hinder the production of the program.

This partly explains the shame and guilt of being a victim of sexual harassment.

The question is, why does a woman who is a victim of sexual harassment have to experience these emotions in Finnish society?

And why is it often the criminal who gets all the sympathy?

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