Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Jewish activist claims: Abusive shouters are harassing families with children near Helsinki synagogue


Yaron Nadbornik’s publication has sparked discussion in the messaging service X.

According to Yaron Nadbornik, chairman of the Central Council of Finnish Jewish Federations, Middle Eastern men have made a habit of shouting anti-Semitic slogans at parents passing by. he wrote about messaging in x on Monday.

According to Nadbornik, mothers and fathers who pick up their children from kindergarten and school are faced with shouting and threats from men sitting in their cars near the Helsinki Synagogue.

– “Death to the Jews” and “Free Palestine” are standard slogans. Jew hatred, writes Nadbornik.

This publication has sparked heated debate in X. For example, Timo R., a senior researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute and an expert on the Middle East, said: Stewart, in the comments area, ponders whether the police can’t be persuaded to intervene.

– Such behavior is completely intolerable. Police should also have zero tolerance for it, Stewart commented.

Journalist Ruben Stiller, who has a Jewish background, also expressed his views on this matter.

– I hope he is held legally responsible, Stiller wrote.

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