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Kirsi Alm-Sierra comments on Pekka Pauda’s dog fighting – gives candid opinion on controversial decision


The news anchor also describes what the atmosphere at MTV is like after the dogs leave the studio.

In early November, many dog-lovers were shocked when MTV announced that meteorologist Pekka Pauda’s dogs Sini and Suvi would no longer appear in the channel’s weather broadcasts.

The reason for this decision was the allergy symptoms other employees were experiencing.

MTV news anchor Kirsi Alm-Sierra commented on the situation and gave her opinion about dog fighting during an invited guest appearance on the program Dancing with the Stars on Sunday. He also shed light on the situation at MTV now that the dogs have left the studio.

– As a dog person, I like dogs. But it’s certainly the case that you can’t really have dogs in the workplace, because some people can get allergy symptoms from them, he said.

He said that some people working at the MTV studios had developed symptoms caused by Pauda’s dogs. However, according to Alm-Siira, the situation has now calmed down.

– It doesn’t really show up in our workplace anymore, he comments on the impact of the doghouse on his work community.

Kirsi Alm-Sierra said on TTK's Sunday Guest Show that she no longer dances herself, but that her offspring compete in dance at the World Cup level.

Kirsi Alm-Sierra said on TTK’s Sunday Guest Show that she no longer dances herself, but that her offspring compete in dance at the World Cup level. Photo: Piet Arré-Ahtio/IS

MTV Utsten’s editor-in-chief Tommi Innonen had previously lamented the situation in an interview with IS.

According to him, earlier meteorologists used to sit separately in the old premises of MTV Utsten in Pasila and there were no cases of allergy. However, MTV later moved to new premises in Vallila. There, the meteorologist’s workplace is in the midst of deliveries, and according to Ionen, some had allergy symptoms.

– When such things happen there is no other option left. Now, unfortunately, we have to give up the dogs, Einonen said.

The removal of a favorite meteorologist’s dogs from weather broadcasts aroused strong emotions among viewers. The dogs also needed to be sent back with an address.

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-McCurry needs to get Pekka Pauda’s dogs back on TV. Amidst all the bad news, Pekka’s excellent dogs Sini and Suvi are cheering people up. And now this reason for happiness has also been taken away from the audience. The address demanded that allergy sufferers should take medication or apply for other jobs.

Meteorologist Pauta himself also called the situation unfortunate.

– Sad in many ways. Pauta said, at a time when there are so many unpleasant things in the news, Sini has often been the only uplifting and softening element in the broadcast.

In August, Pauta introduced his then three-month-old puppy Suvi for the first time on television on the MTV3 channel. Meanwhile, 9-year-old Sini-Koira of Pauda has already been a familiar sight on MTV’s weather reports.

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