Tuesday, December 5, 2023

NHL star arrested – police report tells of harsh events


Milan Lucic was arrested over the weekend.

The Boston Globe provides more details about the events that led to the arrest of ice hockey player Milan Lucic last Friday into Saturday night local time.

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The newspaper has based its story on police documents.

Lucic’s wife called 911 at 1 a.m. and said her husband had tried to strangle her.

Lucic’s wife told police who arrived at the scene that when her drunk husband returned home he could not find his phone, claimed his wife had hidden it and started screaming.

According to police records, Lucic grabbed his wife’s hair and pulled her when she said she was unaware of the phone’s whereabouts.

Police saw red marks on the wife’s chest. However, she denied to the police who reached the spot that her husband tried to strangulate her and also refused treatment.

The Boston Globe reports that police reports show Milan Lucic appearing intoxicated. Lucic declared that nothing had happened and gave no explanation for what happened.

According to Daily Faceoff sources, Lucic’s children and his friend or friends in Night Village were also in the apartment at the time of the incident.

Lucic will be charged with domestic violence on Tuesday.

Lucic, who began his NHL career in Boston and won a Stanley Cup in 2011, returned to the Bruins’ ranks for this season. In October, he managed to play four games with 0+2 power points before suffering a foot injury that has kept him out of the rink recently. The Bruins said Saturday that Lucic will be absent from all team activities for the time being.

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