Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ron DeSantis: This is how Trump has changed


The age of the future president has become a focus in the US presidential election.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a stance on the age issue surrounding the presidential election, CNN reports. According to DeSantis, the presidency is not a suitable job for an 80-year-old man.

– I think this is something that has been demonstrated in the case of Joe Biden, DeSantis commented on CNN’s State of the Union talk show.

US President Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday. Donald Trump, the leading candidate in the race for the Republican nomination, is 77 years old. DeSantis turned 45 in September.

DeSantis also reminded viewers of the CNN show that Trump would be older than Biden at the beginning of his term if he takes office again in 2025.

DeSantis is the worst challenger to Donald Trump, who dreams of returning to the White House, in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Republicans will nominate their presidential candidate after the primaries next July.

According to CNN, the age issue has increasingly become a focal point of the US presidential election. At his own campaign events, Trump has laughed at Biden’s blunders in public appearances. On the other hand, DeSantis has also highlighted Trump’s mistakes in his speeches. According to Forbes, Trump confused Biden and former President Barack Obama in a speech in early November. According to Forbes, such a situation has happened at least seven times in recent months.

According to DeSantis, Trump’s various mistakes would indicate that Trump is no longer the same person he was during his previous campaign.

According to CNN, DeSantis said, if I did not believe that the Democrats would defeat Trump, if he were our party’s nominee, I would not run for election.

Ron DeSantis campaigned with several family members.

Ron DeSantis campaigned with several family members. Photo: Joe Radel/AFP

According to DeSantis, Democrats have so far been adopting a cautious approach towards Trump. In the governor’s opinion, Trump’s history and personality would play a huge role in the election if he were nominated as the party’s nominee.

– The election will remain a referendum on Donald Trump, and Biden may remain in the background, and I believe Biden will again get away with it.

According to CNN, DeSantis’ campaign has gained momentum recently. Unlike Biden and Trump, DeSantis often appears at his campaign events with his wife and children.

President Joe Biden pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey on Monday, November 20.

President Joe Biden pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey on Monday, November 20. Photo: Carol Guzzi/Zuma

President Joe Biden, who turned 81, made fun of his age on Monday when he forgave the Thanksgiving turkey.

– This event will now be held for the 76th time, and I want you to know it wasn’t my first time there, Biden said Monday.

The President also said that a congratulatory song was sung for him before the program.

– Know this: turning 60 is hard.

Biden is the oldest sitting president in American history. If he is elected for a second term next year, he will be 86 years old when he retires from the presidency.

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