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This photo of a ski slope sparked outrage – “Can someone explain?”


Ski season has just started. Laturevo is already talking.

In Norway, piste rage sparked heated discussion on Monday when United skier Casper Moen Flatala posted a photo of two people walking on a ski slope to the messaging service X. He was disappointed.

– Can anyone tell what’s good about walking on a ski slope that has just been ridden? Flatla wrote about his photo.

Issues related to runway etiquette stir up strong emotions among people, so the discussion on social media was predictably intense.

– Some people had trouble remaining objective, I had no objection to talking to them. Others certainly had good points, Flatala told Dagbladet.

Some participants agreed with Flatala, some defended the walkers. According to the defenders, good conditions have not been arranged in nature for pedestrians.

Flatala told Dagbladet that good conditions must be arranged for both walkers and skiers to avoid ski rage. Flatala reminded that some skiers can become very angry when they see pedestrians on the trail.

– Then there will be no constructive discussion.

Track walking is also popular in Finland from time to time. Last winter there was an uproar on social media over a case in which a father said a skier pushed an underage child walking on the piste. According to the father, the child was walking between the tracks and was under the spell of the Pokemon Go game he was playing.

Published by Suomen Latu You can avoid piste wrath this winter by following piste etiquette.

track etiquette

The track is shared by all skiers. Give everyone the opportunity to ski at their own pace and in their own style.

Quick to dodge. Avoid slow skiers in case of overtaking. When meeting on a two-way road, both give way.

Don’t skate on traditional tracks. It breaks and spoils other people’s skiing enjoyment.

help. If necessary, each skier is obliged to help his fellow skier who has fallen or been injured.

Remember ski direction. Follow indicated skiing directions and other instructions and notices along the piste.

Proceed predictably. Look behind you before changing lanes, turning at an intersection, or stopping. Don’t weaken yourself in front of others.

Don’t walk on the track. The track is designed for skiing and should not be broken by other means of transportation. Dogs may not be walked on a track that has been renovated for public use.

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